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Study Summary


Immediate impressions

A few customers find the ad confusing because it is not clear who the target audience is, and the text on the model isn't clear

A few customers mention that the ad is based on an employment program or an employee assistance program, but they do not know what the product is about


Ad message

Most customers think that the main message of the ad is to provide insights into the customer within 12 hours.


Unclear parts

Half of customers find the ad confusing because they think it is unclear what the product is or how the company is marketed.


Interesting parts

Most customers find the concept of Sonar to be interesting because it focuses on the human rather than the customer.

90% of participants found interesting parts in the ad text


Likelihood of interacting

Most customers are interested in the ad. Some think it is about sportswear whilst others mention human insights.

70% of participants would interact with the ad


Advice for writer (improvement)

A few customers find the ad to be too generic and vague, while others think it should be redesigned to make it more appealing

Get the insights you need to

Create unforgettable human experiences