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Discover what works and what doesn’t in your sign-up flow and see conversion boom.

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Test your ideas

  • Understand what your customers do as they move through your sign up flow.

  • Set a benchmark for how well your customers resonate with your flow.

  • Identify moments of delight, drop off bottlenecks, and why these occur.

Validate your concepts

  • Examine your flow task by task through your audience' eyes to unearth any points of friction.

  • Learn how to tweak usability, design and wireframing issues before throwing your sign up flow in the online jungle.

Optimize your solutions

  • Keep a close eye on your registration form and adapt new features and improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Get feedback on your live solution and discover the reasons why your audience signed up or didn't.

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Price and Study Details

EUR 950

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Number of study
15 participants
interview length:
20 minutes
Material recommended:
1 link to your signup page
Available audience filters:
Age, Gender, Geography
Est. Time to insights:
4 hours

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