Run analyses and get customer insights into how your product and marketing initiatives are performing and why. Then, create new ways to win the market, or strengthen what works to stay ahead of the curve.

Engage more, acquire new, retain better

Increase current engagement

Spot usability issues or delights in your existing solutions, and plan confident fixes to increase customer engagement.

Acquire new customers

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time. Revamp existing solutions to stay ahead of the curve and acquire new customers.

Decrease customer churn

Conversion choke points can kill your business. Learn where these are and how to address them, to keep user more engaged and retain them longer.

Optimise the present to redefine future results

Optimise your website

Find out what your customers think about your site's content, architecture and layout, and how you can improve them to boost conversions.

Get more clicks!

Optimise the whole layout of your design, or drill down and improve individual elements to maximise your CTR.

Gain more online users, for longer

Identify and address conversion roadblocks and create an experience that keeps your customers glued to their screens.

Increase conversions

Create an experience that hits your customers' pain points juuust right, leaving them no option but to convert.

How LanguageWire Increased Website Conversions By 20%

Discover how LanguageWire beta tested and optimised its new web design, and how it boosted conversions by 20%...


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Supercharge your campaigns

Test and Improve your existing campaign assets with accuracy and speed, to capture more customers more efficiently.

Get more engagement from the right audience

Catch the attention of your customers with unmissable ads and see them react, engage and wanting to learn more.

Scale up your ROAS by 50%

Make every penny spent promoting your campaign matter more with effective difgital elements your target audience can't help but remember.

Boost your ROMI

Increase the accuracy of all your marketing collateral, produce ads guaranteed to convert with confidence and speed, and see your return on marketing investment soar.

How Sydbank increased its loyalty programme by 50% partnering with Sonar

By listening to a diverse client audience, the Danish bank outperformed expectations and saved...


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Boost online sales

Identify conversion choke points in your purchase flow with your customers, and learn how to fix them to ensure a seamless and conversion-boosting user experience.

Optimise smarter. And cheaper

Don't shoot in the dark: save up to 50% by learning exactly where to invest your development resources for maximum impact.

Boost revenue per session up to 20%

Learn the triggers to create a smooth online experience guaranteed to minimise cart abandonment and maximise conversions.

Recapture and upsell customers

Upgrade your solutions with insights into your customers’ preferences and needs, and make quick and effective changes to increase your customer lifetime value.

How Velux streamlined its webshop through its customers’ eyes

Thanks customer insights, Velux was able to streamline two of his web shops and increase...


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