Ideate and conceptualise

Eliminate guesswork from your ideas and concepts, and discover if they appeal to your customers. Then, streamline resources in the right direction, and move onto development with confidence and speed.

Reduce risks, enhance innovation, faster

De-risk innovation flows

Add your customers’ feedback to your growth ideas, to create clear go/no-go product development paths.

Spot unmet needs early on

Refine your ideas by uncovering new customer needs, or by fast-tracking the most commercially appealing ones.

Ramp up the speed of innovation

Test multiple ideas at once and launch your solutions on the market with full customer validation and pinpoint accuracy.

Build on your ideas and concepts with confidence

Idea exploration

Use your customers insights to turn good ideas into great ones, or to chart whole new success ventures.

Save your budget from unwanted ideas

Test your ideas with real customers, and streamline resources to those that satisfy real customer needs.

Adapt priorities to your customers' needs

Prioritise those ideas with the fastest and most successful market fit, and move ahead with confidence.

Discover the next big thing

Hear your customers’ two cents, discover unmet needs and venture into new growth opportunities with full customer validation.

How Maersk Turned a Customer Idea into a Billion-Dollar Business.

By partnering with Sonar, Maersk identified the needs of its customers and developed...


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Concept validation

Use your customers insights to turn good concepts into great ones at speed, and to save development costs.

Save development costs up to 42%

Test concepts early on, and save up to 42% of your budget avoiding concepts with no market need.

Prioritise with customer impact in mind

Prioritise those concepts with the fastest and most successful market fit, and start developing with confidence.

Streamline your development roadmap

Identify issues early in the development process, and take action with pinpoint accuracy in less time and money.

How Novozymes One Health became the “One-in-a-Trillion” company.

By testing its  “One-in-a-Trillion” brand concepts, Novozymes One Health discovered its audience...


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