What do you want to improve today?

Integrate human insights into key phases of your marketing initiatives,
and turn this knowledge into the engine of change across your entire organization


What do you want to improve today?

Integrate human insights into key phases of your marketing initiatives,
and turn this knowledge into the engine of change across your entire organization

Our experts got you covered

Human insights,
for marketing wizzes

"We know the struggle is real for those marketers who have to deliver fresh content in an ever-changing stream of information. That's why we've been refining our marketing insights methodology for 10 years: so you can be freed from the pressure of conversion and ad spending, and focus on creating inspiring content your people will love."

Anna Steensig
Insights Expert

Anna Steensig Insight Export
The clicker

Craft viral SoMe ads

Increase user engagement with fire Social Media content
  • Find out what your customers think about your social media content. Amp up the elements they like, fix the ones they dislike, and understand the 'why' behind their choices.
  • Grab the attention of your audience with content that works, and boost lead generation with minimal SoMe spend.

Send newsletters people crave to open

Attract new subscribers and keep them coming back with spot-on email content
  • Crack the content code. See your newsletter with your subscribers' eyes and find out what keeps them reading, what doesn't and why.
  • Increase your open and click rates, drive conversion and stop unsubscribe or spam complaints before they even occur.
Stick the landing

Get your landing page off the ground

Ignite your landing pages with conversion-capturing sparks
  • Peek behind the curtain of how your landing page could perform, and discover from your potential customers what you can do to keep them scrolling.
  • Get your audience to interact with your page, drive conversion upon launch and keep ad spend at bay.

Test the appeal of your ad text

Let your copy speak for itself and set off
aha! moments with your audience.
  • Shore up your ads messaging, tone and wording with a final endorsement from your users.
  • Gain additional insights on the best channels to launch your campaign, and increase its reach.
...aaand cut!

Create ads that dazzle and shine

Test your visuals and create ads that engage and inspire your audience to act.
  • Join the spectator's side. See how your audience experience and react to your ad visuals, identify emotional triggers and identify what improve before launch.
  • Create ads that boost your brand awareness and drive conversion with resonating visuals.
We are a global company, and Sonar allows us to test globally. This gives us the ability to target specific people from our customer segments and show them our creative output and use their reactions to understand them.
Dominic Pope, Senior Brand Marketing Manager
There is something compelling about the analyst not just presenting the results, but actually having real people talk into the results. It's way more powerful than me standing in front of a room and saying, 'this is what people said, this is how people felt
Gabby Henriksen, Senior Consumer Innovation Analyst
An often time consuming but crucial part of our work, gaining customer insights, is executed easier and faster by using Sonar.
Katrine Nordgaard, Senior Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I going to get my insights?

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We will notify you as soon as your insights are ready. Once you hear from us, login to our platform and marvel at your freshly created and curated insights! From the insights dashboard, you can access all metrics, quotes, videos and transcripts.

Can I share my insights?

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Of course you can, and it's dead easy! Simply invite your team members to your workspace. After they have received the link to your dashboard, they're going to get free access to your insights.

What languages do you support?

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Our default language is English. However, our system supports a range of different interview languages - we know your participants speak different languages!

- Danish
- English
- German
- Swedish
- Norwegian
- Finnish
- Italian
- Spanish
- French
- Chinese

If you need to get your insights in any other language, please reach out to our enterprise team at

What do you need to get the ball rolling?

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The only thing needed to get started is your stimuli - i.e. the object(s) that you want to get tested. This can be an ad, a newsletter, a link, or some text. Choose the most fitting product for you and upload your stimuli on to our platform... and that's it, you're all set!

If you need a specific target group or you are looking for a more bespoke service not available on our marketplace, fret not! Reach out to us at, and we will let you know what you need to get started!

Could you recommend the best target audience for my project?

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Yes. We can look into the business questions that you are trying to answer, your budget as well as target markets and recommend an audience based on your requirements.

What target audience can you reach?

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We can reach different B2B and B2C audiences in several markets across North & South America, Europe, Asia and Africa bar a few exceptions. We specialize in niche B2B audiences across markets as well as broad B2C target audiences. Reach out to us one with your requirements and we will get back to you soon!

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