Helping businesses be more human

Groundbreaking products and marketing initiatives don’t come from data sheets, but from customer understanding. Sonar helps you cultivate customer empathy at scale, and arm you with the necessary tools to fuel your success, every step of the way.

The right insights, at the right time

Get your audience's perspective on your marketing and product solutions throughout their life cycles, and make customer-driven decisions every day.

10 years of industry experience, at your fingertips

Leverage a methodological approach developed over the course of 10 years and empower every member of your team with expertly crafted research solutions.

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Better decisions through better participants

Fuel your work with genuine and reliable insights from the best target audience for your business ideas - be it an IT engineer working in Dubai or a construction worker in Leeds.

Top-tier data collection and analysis to elevate your customer empathy

Don’t stop at stale reports. We’re giving you access to a powerful insights dashboards and browse through key findings, quotes, full video interviews, aggregated by our AI and analysed by a world-class team of experts.

From customer insights to business impact

Bring insights to life. We’ll turn our team of experts to incorporate insights into your company’s decision making process, so you can create the most impactful products and marketing ideas out there.

Reduce risks, enhance impact, faster

Make customer insights part of your company’s DNA to shift the paradigm of product development, and create consistently outstanding experiences for your customers.

Innovate more. Innovate better.

Scale innovation by identifying and prioritising any unmet customer needs.

Reduce development and activation waste.

Test ideas early to avoid costly changes later in the innovation process.

Shorten your time to market.

Validate solutions frequently with your audience and gain a competitive edge with quick launches.

Launch your products with greater success.

Get the best key messaging and distribution channels to support your product launch.

Foster a customer-centric culture.

Deploy and democratise customer insights across your organisation to become truly customer-centric.