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Website design

Find out if your website design resonates with your audience before developing it.


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E-Commerce flow

Boost conversion - and revenue, by leaving no stones unturned in your shopping experience.


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Signup flow

Discover what works and what doesn’t in your sign-up flow and see conversion boom.


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Booking flow

Discover pressure points in your booking flow and shoot up booking figures.


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Competitor comparison

Embrace the competition and use their solutions as a benchmark for innovation.


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Social Media ad

Get sharp feedback on your social media ads to generate killer engagement.


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Attract new subscribers and keep them coming with spot-on insights on your newsletters.


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Landing page

Test your landing page and get conversion off the ground with traffic-boosting feedback.


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Advertisement copy

Let your copy speak for itself and discover 'aha!' moments with your audience.


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Advertisement visuals

Test your visuals and create ads that engage and inspire your audience to act.


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    Human feedback,
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    So many solutions fail every day because they are not made to fit the people that use them.

    With our insights, we aim to help you stay ahead of the curve, spend your marketing and product development budgets wisely, and focus on creating experiences that make your customers eager to come back for more.

    Anna Steensig
    Insights Expert

    Anna Steensig Insight Export


    The right feedback.
    From the right audience

    Sonar helps you unpack the minds of your audience with access to over 4 million consumers around the globe.

    You only need to set your ideal recruiting filters: we'll save you the recruitment hassle and find the right participants for your needs, so you can get high-quality insights in hours.


    What surveys won't tell you...

    Add nuance to metrics and raw data: explore the 'why' behind the 'what'.
    Our methodological approach, developed over the course of 10 years in the insights business, will allow you to gain a unique experience-rich perspective over your solutions, without the risk of missing something, or being drowned in irrelevant data.

    Dusty reports no more!

    A new way to access
    your insights

    Forget about stale reports and get access to a powerful insights dashboard with a mix of qualitative feedback from your selected audience, analysed and aggregated by our AI.
    Browse through your key findings, quotes, full video interviews and insights charts, and turn your insights into actions.

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    What is Sonar?

    Sonar is the Danish customer feedback platform that makes it fast and easy for product and marketing teams to produce and translate customer insights into better products, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences.

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