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Learn how to radically increase customer conversion, what elements build up retention, and maximise your every KPI of your landing page!
Get real customer video feedback in only 4 hours, completely for free.

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Paste a link to your landing page (or a link to your prototype - e.g. XD, Sketch, Figma) in the form, and you're all set!

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We'll collect, transcribe, analyse and aggregate video feedback on your web page from 15 users from English-speaking countries.

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Unlock feedback that matters

We have more than 10+ years of experience helping businesses identify how they can better their digital projects & marketing material in regard to conversions, interactions and appeal. Create a free account today and find out how you can improve yours!

Qualitative study


Get qualitative insights on your website and figure out how it resonates with your visitors.

15-20 Video interviews
Eur 950

Qualitative study


Magnetize the copy and visuals of a digital or physical ad and draw in your target group.

15-20 Video interviews
Eur 950

Qualitative study

Landing page

Increase your conversions by understanding what works and where the pitfalls of your landing page are.

15-20 Video interviews
Eur 950

Qualitative study


Awe your audience with amazing newsletters. Learn which design and message will perform better.

15-20 Video interviews
Eur 950

Why the free testing?

You might wonder: "a free landing page testing?! where's the catch?" Well, there is none!

We are giving away a test worth 950€ just because we want you to experience the power of the Sonar testing platform and help you upgrade your web page, no strings attached.

What you will learn:

Immediate impressions
from customers
Ideas for Improvement
Likelihood of Interaction
First Element of Interaction

Don’t just take our word for it

There are thousands of companies that utilise the power of video based quality feedback every day.

It was really brilliant to get feedback on the design, it helped a lot to complete a design that we were very confident with.

Unnur Aldís Kristinsdóttir, Director of Marketing

I am crazy about the product and I think it’s the coolest idea! 15 user-tests takes a really long time to do by yourself, so Sonar is really convenient! Looking forward to doing more studies.”

Trine Ziegler Lærkesø Andersen, Product Developer

Frequently asked questions

If they do not cover all your concerns, you can contact us from the ‘Get in touch’ button.

What is Sonar?

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Sonar is the Danish customer feedback platform that makes it fast and easy for product and marketing teams to produce and translate customer feedback into better digital solutions, products, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences. We've got more than 10 years of experience helping some of the largest businesses in the Nordics elevate their work to new heights. Learn more about us here.

What is wrong with the form? Why can't I send it?

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If you are not getting any confirmation message, or the page reloads after you filled out the form, try to do the following:

1. Clear the cache from your browser
2. Refresh the page
3. Accept Cookies
4. Fill out the form once more

If you are still experiencing the same issue, send an email to marketing@sonarapp.com with your name, email, job title, and a link to the page / attachment of the file you want to test: we'll take it from there!

How can I access my report?

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We'll send you an email with the link to access your very own dashboard on the Sonar Marketplace platform. From there, you'll be able to browse your customer insights, view uncut customer videos exploring and commenting your material, and more!

When will I get customer feedback on my website?

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You can expect feedback coming from 15 participants from English-speaking countries compiled and aggregated into video snippets, key findings and other actionable insights in as little as 4 hours. Yup, we're that fast.

What kind of feedback will I get?

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We will recruit and run umoderated video interviews with 15 users from English-speaking countries, who will complete tasks and answer to a series of open-endend questions. Their feedback will then be automatically transcribed, analysed and turned into quotes, video snippets, charts and actionable insights you can use to improve your solutions in no time.

Can I run tests in other languages besides English?

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Of course you can! We support a range of different interview languages besides English. If you want to learn more, just click the 'get in touch' button below and book us in for a chat - We'll match you with the right audience in no time!

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