Customer stories

How Saxo Bank's Customer-Centricity Spearheaded Digital Innovation in Private Investing

Saxo Bank is a leading Fintech specialist focused on multi-asset trading and investment and delivering ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ (BaaS) to wholesale clients.

With their online trading platform, Saxo Bank provides private investors with the same tools and market access as professional traders, large institutions and fund managers – facilitating the global financial markets.


Saxo Bank connects people to investment opportunities in global capital markets. To do that, the bank developed an investment platform where investors could manage their investments through their smartphone or computer, paired with additional apps meant to help users with investment decisions.

As a platform provider for multi-asset trading and investment, Saxo Bank strives to empower people with a user-friendly and personal platform experience, no matter if they want to actively trade global markets or invest in their future.

As such, Saxo Bank wanted to understand the use and satisfaction with the current solution, as well as apply an iterative process to optimise and further develop their solution.

“The investor platform is the core of the offering to our customers and a key differentiator. Staying ahead of our competitors by exceeding market expectations to the customer experience is a constant strategic priority.”

Martin Christiansen, Head of Platform at Saxo Bank


To get the best overview, the bank ran iterative tests using the Sonar platform with several investors, from evaluating the existing platform to prototyping until launch.

By helping assess elements across the platform, the bank gained insights into their customers’ opinions: what drove them to use the platform, as well as what they could improve. This helped speed up development while optimising new functionality, features and content.

With easy-to-access customer insights coming from both the mobile and desktop versions, Saxo Bank was able to place its platform to be one of the most responsive on the market.


Through Sonar, Saxo Bank was able to gain the right insights and involve its customers in assessing and optimising its platform. Thus, it managed to steer digital development in a way that was actually useful to its target audience. It was an instant success for the bank, as it went on to win the 2019 Active Trader Award for Best Platform.