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A Window to Success: How VELUX's Customer-Optimised Webshops Increased Online Conversions

Specialising in roof windows and skylights, VELUX's mission is to bring daylight and life into homes, workplaces, and schools around the world. With more than 10,000 employees and offices in more than 40 countries, VELUX is a worldwide organisation that serves thousands of customers every year.

The VELUX team is committed to delivering the best possible user experience, not only for their end customers, but also for the architects, contractors, and installers who work with their products.


Although VELUX’s products are best experienced in person, many customers first interact with them online. Indeed, VELUX offers a variety of digital products including their website, apps, and other digital tools, to help their customers explore their product catalogue and make a purchase. Therefore, delivering a high-quality user experience is a fundamental need for the company.

To bolster online sales and improve the online shopping experience, VELUX renovated 2 of its webshops. The company set as a usability benchmark that at least 80% of its customers should be able to find what they were looking for on the two webshops within no more than 3 steps.


Sonar tested the two online stores with current VELUX customers. Each session lasted for 20-30 minutes and was filmed in order to be fully analyzed by our specialists and consultants. By aggregating their impressions, suggestions and reactions on video, Sonar compiled these results into actionable insights and recommendations.

VELUX received all full videos, an executive summary and access to our insights dashboard, containing 3 key takeaways, suggestions for next steps and 10 concrete optimization points that described potential initiatives for our client to increase customer satisfaction.


By implementing these recommendations and taking action on its customer insights, VELUX reached its KPI and increased customer satisfaction and usability, which resulted in an increased conversion rate.