Customer stories

How LanguageWire Boosted Online Conversions by 20% with Customer Insights

LanguageWire is a leading Danish language service provider that offers translation and localization services to businesses and organizations around the world. The company uses advanced technology and a streamlined process to deliver consistent and accurate translations for all types of content, including websites, marketing materials, technical documents, and more.

With a network of over 5000 language experts and exceptional customer support, LanguageWire is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their international goals.


LanguageWire was heavily renovating the front-end design of its website. As such, it wanted to make sure old and new users alike had intuitive access to all the products and features the company offered. Furthermore, to maximise the value of the new design, the company wanted to increase the conversion rate by at least 20%.


Sonar ran a beta test on the new digital design the company wanted to launch, seeking the participation of both actual and potential customers of the company. This design would help our client get insight into the final adjustments of their solution before launch. Each customer test lasted for 20-30 minutes and was filmed in order to be fully analyzed by our specialists and consultants.

By aggregating their impressions, suggestions and reactions on video, Sonar compiled these results into actionable insights and recommendations.

LanguageWire received all full videos, a summary and a report, containing 3 key takeaways, suggestions for the next steps and 10 concrete optimization points that described a potential initiative for our client to further optimise the design and achieve higher conversions.


By implementing just a few of these recommendations to its new web design, LanguageWire launched a winning website and increased its conversion rate by the desired 20%.