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“I feel comfortable pointing the Sonar team at any internal stakeholder. When somebody on our team ‘needs to talk to the customer’, I am confident it will get shaped into a sensible, outcome-based brief.”
John Walker, Global Head of Insights, Mærsk
“With Sonar, we’ve been able to translate and use customer insights in our day-to-day work, and to embed them as a cultural way of thinking in everything we do."
Ulrich Irgens,
General Manager, Novozymes OneHealth
“We enable a DIY approach, but having 10-15 people across the teams working with insights is not enough for a big company like Danske Bank to push us in the right direction. Sonar empowers us to scale this out and get the voice of the customer in every corner of the bank.”
John Pedersen,
Head of Customer Insights, Danske Bank