80% of all products fail. We’re here to fix that.

Every day, we pour our hearts and souls into product and marketing ideas, only to see them fail time and time again.

Sonar About
But what if there is a better way?

What if we can tap into the minds of our customers and use their insights to create products, services and experience that truly resonate with them, saving time, money and heartaches? Imagine the possibilities...

At Sonar, we’re here to help you do just that.

Our Vision

Bettering the human experience, one “aha!” at a time.

At Sonar, we want to empower you with the insights you need to build products, services and experiences customers worldwide really want. We do that by connecting you with the people you want to learn from and turning their feedback into insights you can act on quickly.

Sonar by the numbers


Years of experience within human insights world


The number of countries we come from (and counting!)


Human insight sessions and counting


The power of human

Humanity is the engine that moves the world forward. It is what strives us to create, delight, and innovate. And through our people, we want to help you unlock this power.

Our world-class team and its expertise is what led us to redefine how insights are made, shaped and delivered.

Because in our minds, the journey to success does not start with the most insights, but with the right insights. From the right people.

Join the new frontier of customer insights!

We're on the hunt for talented people willing to shake the foundations of customers insights - are you up for it?

Our Values

We are H.U.M.A.N.


Hunters of Dream

We are relentless ambitious dreamers. We aim and aspire where others say is not possible. Fueled by our own ambition and wonder, we set out to conquer together.


Unity above all

At Sonar, we win and lose together. We believe in one big team, and our shared success comes through consistency.


Make it happen

We are in it. Growth goes through the discomfort of not knowing or being certain. We approach difficulties in a clear and direct fashion leaving no doubt on the playing field.



We embrace and honour the courage to show yourself and step into character. We trust each other to act from a place of empathy and reciprocity.


New Rule

We are here to build legacy together. Writing our own original history. One day when looking back we want to remember Sonar as a landmark experience in our work-lives.