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At Sonar, we help you unleash the power of human and create unforgettable experiences for your customers, with human insights delivered at the right time, for the right task.

We're an international team striving to turn customer insights into something you can get fast, easy and as often as you need. We do that by connecting you with the people you want to learn from and turning their feedback into digestible and actionable insights.

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The B2Human

We have one simple mission - to help you cut through the noise and ignite a B2Human revolution for human-inspired products, services and experiences. The most innovative companies in the Nordics are already onboard - will you?

the B2Human revolution!

We're on the hunt for talented people willing to shake the foundations of customers insights - are you up for it?


The power
of human

We believe the power of human is everywhere around us. And in us too!

That's why our people are our strongest assets, and their expertise is what's led us to redefine how insights are made, shaped and delivered.

Because in our minds, the journey to innovation does not start with the most insights, but with the right insights. From the right people.

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