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Learn how to radically increase customer conversion, what elements build up retention, and maximise your website's KPIs across the board!

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Competitive benchmarking

Compare your website with your competitors' and learn what elements maximise customer satisfaction, so you can beat the competition with a superior website and drive conversions.

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Ad mockup

Learn how to create ads that grab your customers' attention, what elements maximise engagement, and increase conversion on every ad you create!

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There is something compelling about the analyst not just presenting the results, but actually having real people talk into the results. It's way more powerful than me standing in front of a room and saying, 'this is what people said, this is how people felt.
Gabby Henriksen,
Senior Consumer Innovation Analyst
We are a global company, and Sonar allows us to test globally. This gives us the ability to target specific people from our customer segments and show them our creative output and use their reactions to understand them.
Dominic Pope,
Senior Brand Marketing Manager
An often time consuming but crucial part of our work, gaining customer insights, is executed easier and faster by using Sonar. 
Katrine Nordgaard,
Senior Consultant
I am crazy about the product and I think it’s the coolest idea!
15 user-tests takes a really long time to do by yourself, so Sonar is really convenient! Looking forward to doing more studies.
Trine Ziegler Lærkesø Andersen,,
Product Developer

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